Business mats size and shape- What is best?

Business mats size and shape- What is best?

Every establishment should have business mats. They protect the floor, employees, customers, and the environment, but they need to fit. It sounds easy to find business mats that are made to fit. If a business mat isn’t properly fitted, it can become a tripping hazard on its own or don’t provide as much protection as it should.

There are many factors you need to take into consideration before you decide what size business floor mats should be. You’ll end up overpaying for mats that don’t fit your business. They are also eyesores that can decrease traction and cause tripping accidents. Aiming to purchase too little is just as bad, if no worse. You expose your floors to dirt and debris.

How do I choose the right size for my business mats?

Deciding the business mats size & shape

Different spaces have different requirements for the size and shape of a floor mat. There is not one size fits all solution to mat problems. While floor mat scientists still haven’t figured this out, there is a guideline you can follow in order to find the best dimensional specifications for your needs.

These are your top priorities:

You must consider the location when considering coverage. You want to ensure that your entranceways have as wide coverage as possible because they filter out as much of the tracked-in debris. Your business’s entrance floor mats should be 80% larger than the width of your front doorway. It should also be at least two to three feet in length.

Comfort mats should be the same length as workstations. The width should not exceed the edge or the top of the kitchen equipment. The same applies to anti-fatigue carpets for the reception. The objective is to cover the major areas where foot traffic occurs.

Foot traffic

You might also be interested in how to identify the areas that get the most foot-traffic. Begin by going to the places people frequent. Other than the main entrances and reception areas you will want to provide coverage for common areas. This includes the area’s leading up to the toilet and those that lead into the pantries. Coverage is essential for all work areas. The size and shape you choose for your business mats will depend on the distance between these areas.


What do you use your floor mats to accomplish? The main purpose of your ground mats can influence the size of your mats. For instance, a mat designed for machinery and runner mats in workstations may only cover the floor lengthwise.

Wet mats should accommodate the required space and conform to the dimensions of the room. Custom rugs with logo can come in a standard size, but can also be customized to the shape of your logo. Customization is an excellent marketing strategy.

The right business mats

Are you unsure of how to use commercial floor mats? Perhaps you have a difficult space to work in or some objects that need to be positioned around it. It’s time to call in the professionals.

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