Tips to Maximize Your Land Survey

A land survey can be used to describe the details of a buyer’s potential new property. While there are many different types of surveys, the majority will outline the boundaries of the property along with any pertinent features that may impact the buyer’s decision. The buyer can choose to withdraw from the sale, or have the seller make repairs before they move in. Here are five tips that will help buyers ensure they get the right end of the stick.

Walk around the Property

The land surveyor can identify key topographical marks on the property and important markers around the property. It is a good idea to take time to walk the property with the surveyor. This will allow them to ask questions as well as clarify facts. Before moving in, homeowners should know how likely their neighbor’s tree roots may spread in the next 10 years.

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Mark the Boundaries

It is common for property boundaries to be disputed as they were not properly established. If the land surveyor uses vague terms (e.g., “around the mailbox”) it will be difficult or impossible to identify the property’s exact dimensions. To prevent any disputes in the future, a land surveyor should use permanent fixtures such as iron pipes or rebar as a way to mark where each property begins or ends.

Be sure to inspect the equipment

A surveyor’s job is made easier by modern equipment. Owners can rest assured that their boundary lines will be set using anything from standard navigation software to more complex CAD programs. Before buying, ask your surveyors about what equipment they use.

Confirm Your Insurance

Land surveyors that work on the land can be held responsible for their mistakes. You will need sufficient liability insurance to cover the cost of any pipe damage they may cause while poking around. This is especially true for the construction of a new home. The land surveyor may offer advice on how to set the drainage system or other foundational components. A land surveyor who is wrong about water flow or sewage can damage the property and grounds.

You can see their reviews

A land surveyor, while one of many professionals needed to comply with the Cameron Station property buyer’s requests, is not the only one. If a land surveyor isn’t available to answer their phone or is out of town, it could lead to more delays than the escrow process allows. An excellent way to check the reputation of a surveyor is to see how they handle disputes and how professionally they work on the job.

Land surveyors can do their job efficiently and without too much drama. But homebuyers may need to pay more attention. No matter what findings they make, the best surveyors are experienced and professional.

Land Surveying Services & Their Benefits – Minnesota Land Surveying Services

Pioneering Engineering P.A. offers land surveys in Minnesota. It is a professional association that has local expertise in several types of surveying. Despite surveying being a tradition for years, many business and property owners fail to realize how important a survey can be for land ownership.

It Aids You from Purchase Property

A land survey will allow you to determine whether a potential land acquisition is worthwhile. A survey can tell you if the land is suitable for flooding or if the description of the property accurately depicts its size. These are only a few examples of information that you will find during a ground survey. Your specific land survey will reveal more information.

Subdividing Land

Because it breaks down land into smaller segments, a boundary survey is useful for both residential and commercial uses. This survey is used for both businesses and families that need to parcel land or sell portions.

It aids in the construction

Land surveying is great for any kind of project. A construction survey will help determine the best place for a building, or where a road should be built. For existing structures, a building permit survey will be required to proceed with construction.