Backlinks Basics and Monitoring Tools

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A backlink is a link directed from one site to another. Google makes use of backlinks for its ranking algorithm. When one website directs links to another, search bots read it as a confidence vote…..the site offers value to users. So, for website owners, it becomes essential to earn high-quality backlinks because it can influence their ranking position on search engine result pages. 

Backlink basics

Backlinks can be assumed to be communications amongst websites. For example, Ramo is a travel blogger and writes an interesting post about Glamping in Cornwall. Rosie is another blogger and links with Ramo’s article while sharing her viewpoint. She writes in her popular online magazine, which helps to create a backlink to Ramo’s travel post. 

Rosie’s online magazine has many other websites linked back, which increases her platform’s authority. So, Ramo’s post will also get the value of the backlink transformed from an established site. It is a win-win for both the parties involved. 

Backlink types

  • Nofollow tag conveys to Google bots to ignore the link. So, the sourcing site’s value is not passed on to your site. It means backlinks with a nofollow tag will not play any role in enhancing SEO.
  • Dofollow tag is a backlink type everyone desires, especially the ones directed from reputable publishing sites. The value passed from authoritative sites helps to increase SEO ranking. 

All the dofollow links are not equal. There are the dofollow links regarded to be damaging as they are directed from suspicious websites or gained via black hat methods. Google is strict and breaking its guidelines can penalize website owners with de-indexing or a decline in ranking. 

Remember backlink quality matters the most and not quantity! So, make sure to follow Google protocols while getting backlinks. Your link-building strategy has to be solid but ensure to set your standards based on the competitor’s backlink analysis.

For can choose backlink analysis and monitoring tools to find backlinks or domains helping your competitors rank high on search results. 


Linkascope helps to find all your backlinks, identify the toxic links, disavow bad links, detect link-building opportunities, and even keep track of competitors’ backlink profile changes.

Website monitoring helps to ensure that your customers have 24/7 access and there is no compromise on sales and conversion. Detailed backlink monitoring allows you to stay focused on the health status of your online visibility and reputation. 

URL is your address on the internet space. It has to be good so that people can read and remember it. Longer URLs are stressful and sore to the eyes, especially for digital marketing. Fortunately, is a link shortener tool designed to customize URLs making them look better. It helps social media marketers pull traffic. It tracks click numbers, location, and time. 

Monitor Backlinks

The program handles the backlink feature of SEO. It detects backlink history and consistently looks for new incoming links using crucial metrics. In this way, users can know if the backlinks will have an optimistic or adverse effect on Google rankings.

Periodic reports allow users to see if there have been any changes and if identified they can instantly fix the issue or make efforts to reduce the harm. 

For evolving online, it is essential to assess SEO performance, do backlink analysis, and closely monitor competitors’ activities.