Considerations for Choosing the Right Racking System

Considerations for Choosing the Right Racking System

Several considerations should be made before committing resources to a racking system. Racks might cause an area to be underutilized because the frame and accessories take up room. The inability to easily alter or rearrange a Racks Supplier Malaysia is its most significant shortcoming. Here are some things to keep in mind if you want to get the maximum out of your investment.

  • The initial action is to determine if there is enough room in the warehouse to build storage racks and if so, where they may be placed. Keep in mind that the available floor space in an existing warehouse may not be maximized. Most racking systems sold commercially adhere to industry-accepted standard dimensions. The very framework of the racking system eats up valuable warehouse real estate. Therefore, the estimated storage density may be different than desired. Warehouse ceilings, dividing walls, and doors may need to be adjusted to fit a racking system.

  • Clearance up Top: Measure not only the horizontal area at your disposal but also the height at which you may stand. The storage racking density is directly proportional to the available vertical clearance. Adding another layer or two to a three-level pallet stack can reduce storage density by making less efficient use of the available space. Storage density can be reduced even further by using a racking system with a vertical slope, such as a gravity flow system, which removes a layer to create the necessary slope. Also, remember to account for sprinkler system clearances and airflow obstructions. Increasing the pile height may not work with some technologies, or it may necessitate adjustments that add to the total expense of the project.

  • Unitized Load Dimensions After analyzing the room available and its limitations, the form and measurement of the containers to be stored must be taken into account. The shape of the palletized cargo is an important consideration when designing the racking system. One option for manufacturing facilities that turn out unitized loads of varied sizes is to use the largest possible pallet. This provides more leeway if additional stock of that product is required.

  • The right material choice for the frame will determine whether or not the pallet load is supported. Steel is the predominant material for racking systems, which are constructed in a variety of ways. When the load is not too heavy, cold-rolled steel will do. However, structural steel that has been manufactured via warm rolling or extruder is necessary for such uses.

Capacity Utilisation Goals: Knowing the capacity utilization goals for a warehouse is essential. The degree to which a warehouse’s Gondola Racks Malaysia space is put to use is a vital KPI for any industry, but notably one like logistics and distribution. The expenses of investment and operation go up when capacity is increased too much. Too little means you have less cushion in the event of distribution problems or overproduction. Think about the seasonal stock that needs storage. The off-season is a great time to maximize warehouse capacity utilization.